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Broadcast live events in real time from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

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Intelligent device detection

Intelligent device detection optimizes streaming content for delivery to any supported device including desktop, iPhone, Android and iPad.

User Friendly

Quick and easy for the average non-technical user to log in to ReadyCast on their mobile device and begin live streaming in minutes through available API calls.

Automated provisioning

Automated provisioning provides convenience for large companies and streamlines the process for end users.

Multiple mobile users can live stream at one event!

Intelligent Device Detection

Live Streaming in Real Time

Make a connection with your viewers by broadcasting your events live!

ReadyCast is a great solution for streaming Business Seminars, Trade Shows, Sporting Events and Church Services that have a need for live streaming, but do not have the budget for expensive mobile camera equipment and software.


Become An Approved Provider

Stream to an audience or an individual person anywhere in the world!

* An approved ReadyCast provider is necessary in order to stream from the app.
To become an approved provider please contact us.

Approved Provider

Stream to another individual or audience anywhere in the world!

Broadcast on-the-go

Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as a Live Streaming Video Camera!

Available on the iPhone App Store

Download the app to get started!

* An approved ReadyCast provider is necessary in order to stream from the app.

Broadcast On The Go